Our goal isn't to see how big or prestiious we can become. We do not strive to be everything to everyone, but almost everything to a select few. Our goals are to be of an adequate size to be able to provide dependable service, quality crafsmanship and the diversity necessary to be able to meet the needs of a smaller client base in a safe and responsible manner with a business structure based on low overhead. It just makes sense.

Our clients know when they call us, help is on the way. We have fostered relatonships based on past success and trust. Our approach is to be a part of their team that does what is needed, when it is needed. We work when you need us, not when it is convenient for us. Quick response with a diversifid workforce, willing to work around the clock & compressing schedules when necessary, all lead to a better otom line for our clients.

After six years working with a large general contractor in Atlanta, Georgia and 17 years with an industrial contractor in Northwest Louisiana, Rick Pierce recognized the need for a business that was designed to respond to the unique challenges of industrial and commercial development companies. Time is money for everyone, but especially for these clients.